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Entrepreneurial doubt

since 2012

Why? To eliminate entrepreneurial doubt
How? By helping entrepreneurs in all facets
Costs? 2% equity and € 3.000,- ex monthly fee
Contract? 3 Monthly
Acquaintance meeting? € 150,- ex vat per hour
Negotiation? that’s the first free lesson 😉
To infinity? and beyond…

In the midst of the financial crisis, a boy resigned from his daily job to build a new business based on the ruins of the old economy. With “freedom” as a central concept and as a catalyst for creativity and innovation to ensure continuity, the company started, built and sold her 1st daughter company in the field of IOT, Virtual- and augmented reality: RECOGNIZE to Volker Wessels telecom, the company gained experience in the most diverse facets of business & creative technology: from Artificial Intelligence & Mobile apps to Web applications & Blockchain. This resulted in an impressive portfolio of more than 1.5 million users, clients and visitors per month. And now we offer you the opportunity to make use of the gained experience, knowledge, assets and value…

How to catalyze?

Creative Technology

We help you turn your ideas into bytes and brand into pixels by offering our knowledge of soft- and hardware development and design.

Lead generation

We generate leads for you via our international business network and online network of more than 1.5 million visitors per month.


We help you to advance your knowledge and become a better entrepreneur by offering workshops, lectures and coaches.


We invest early-stage and pre-seed to kickstart your business idea and guide you to a go-to market moment.














We believe in freedom and collaboration in order to catalyze creativity and innovation, while maintaining retention and encouraging renewal. RECNATION enables your business via soft- and hardware development, design, smart marketing & communication strategies, campaigns and active acquisition for assignments.

Track record

RADIU, music has to find you!
getAcryp, welcome to the rocket!
Mamazijn, positief ontwikkelen
Frank Oonk
ZHADE, entrepreneurial doubt
Game-key, games in 5 minutes in your mailbox
Appmakenonline, build an app in 5 minutes
Recognize, to shelter creative whizzkids
AdFine, large amounts of traffic!
Vuora, media made easy!
Rijden met Ad(vertising)!
Period Box, a box that make young girls aware of their menstruation!
Quantifo, the quantified self!
Dancefloor Hero, measure your moves!

Office Address

Recnation BV
De Rotsduif 4
7609 VK Almelo
the Netherlands

  • KVK: 54453070
  • BTW: 851311283B01
  • IBAN: NL48RABO0167197800


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