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Rijden met Ad(vertising)!

“Rijden met Ad” is a startup of Mart, Marjon, Jean-Louis and Alexander. They study Creative Media and Game Technologies and together they are the proud founders of a company in advertising opportunities on new private lease cars. Their ambition: we want to become the market leader in Out Of Home advertising! The young entrepreneurs work full-time on their concept, which is a unique form of offline marketing. They have built an algorithm that exactly determined what a kilometer was worth. The advantage for the driver of the car: discount on the monthly lease amount.

Project New startup

Just like Period Box, they participated in Project New Startup from Saxion Academy for Creative Technology. And had the honour to pitch in front of the jury in a Dragon’s Den setting. “We went through this project with great enthusiasm and were surprised when we hung up that we were allowed to pitch to investors, it was a bit like the TV program Shark Tank, and we were very enthusiastically received by the jury. we started and we are doing a good year. ” Recnation’s CEO Frank Oonk joined the jury of this edition of Dragons Den.

A good mix

The secret for the good cooperation with “Rijden met Ad” is in a good mix of different personalities, qualities and motives. The connecting factor in this case is that everyone has the passion and drive to take. “We are all very passionate about becoming our own boss, which ensures that we always have the motivation to go full.”

You time slim loans

The advantage of students at Saxion: entrepreneurship is stimulated. This way you can do your internship and minor within your own company. Under professional guidance of course! “We also hope to be able to subsidize the Smart Solutions Semester and our graduation from Rijden met Ad.”

Every entrepreneur big or small is Active from a desire or a vision.

The golden tip of Mart, Marjon, Jean-Louis and Alexander

“Everything starts with you Every entrepreneur is big or small Active from a desire or a vision Do you also have a vision of a desire to do business Do not be afraid to take the step Do not let yourself be stopped by what other people say, but think about what is being said, advise yourself to share in your story and believe in your idea.

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